Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jeez I am bad at this...

Hola todos! Well in pure procrastination style I am writing this way too late.

Lets see, what first? Well I found an apartment! I am living in Oporto in the south of Madrid. I can get to work in about 40 minutes and its close to the center of the city too. I have two roommates, Diego and Cesar. Diego is in his early thirties and is from Buenos Aires. He's been here three years and has a one and a half year old son, Bruno, who is the cutest thing in the entire world! Obviously Bruno doesnt live here with us but he comes over after school to play! Cesar is 24 and from a town in Cantabria in the north of Madrid. He works as a security guard right now but is training to be a police man, he's excited because he gets to carry a gun starting next week. Needless to say it makes me feel a little safer :) haha.

I went to my school today to meet all the professors that I will be working with. I start tomorrow at 10am. I work Mon-Thursday 10-4 with a break from 12:30-2:30. I work in a town called Mostoles, its a fairly large city to the southwest of Madrid and is full of families. There are over 19 bilingual and regular elementary schools in the town alone! Its crazy! I am working with another American, Kyle who is from Lincoln Nebraska. He is super nice and seems to be just as excited as I am to begin work! I will be helping the teachers for Infantil (which is 4 and 5 year olds) and also the 2,3, and 4 year students! Some of the students are slated to take the Trinity English Examination in December so I will be working in groups of 3 students also to help them prepare.

I will also be giving private lessons to four families in the north of Madrid to make some extra moolah!

A the beginning of last week I went to Barcelona for La Merce (patron saint festival) to visit my friends and enjoy the Barcelona night life a little :) I stayed with my friend Raul and was able to see alot of my friends and my host mother. It was fantastic being back in the city and I really enjoyed my mini-vacation!

That's pretty much all for now! Miss all of you tons!


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Sara said...

Hey LALA! It's SaSa. How are you doing? You sound so busy! Your roomates sound so great! XOXO