Monday, October 6, 2008



So I know this may come as a humongous shock to the majority of people reading this, so brace yoursevles, but I have been cooking lately! Not extraordinarily hard things, but seeing as the cooking gene definetly skipped my mother and I, this is a pretty big deal. I have successfully cooked a hamburger (a la plancha a.k.a frying it in oil), over easy eggs for breakfast and a weird pasta concoction that consisted of pasta, cured ham, tomato sauce and any spice that I could find in the cabinet! They all turned out fairly well, were eaten by other people and no one got sick or died so I am gonna chalk my success rate up to about 98% (just in case someone in the next 48 hours contracts Mad Cow disease or food poisoning!)
Luckily, Diego has been supervising me alot while I cook though I am not sure whether its to help me learn or because he thinks he may need to jump in at any moment to put out the grease fire that I am about to start...haha. Either way its nice having someone to help me in the kitchen, en cualquier sentido.
Ok so lets see what else is new in my life....well I had a pretty eventful weekend...On Friday since I didnt have work my friend Amanda and I went to Principe Pio to grab lunch at a cerveceria called La Tasca (Paseo de Florida) where we were more pleasantly surprised with out waiter and how cute he was then by the actual food. Later on we went to the Retiro park to drink some Shandys (beer con limon) and take in the sun. Later on in the night Amanda and I met up with my friend Fanny and some of her grilfriends to go out in Sol, we went to Bar Cibeles, drank a few copitas and straggled home at 5:30 in the morning. On Saturday I was lazy and spent most of the day in the house, watching fútbol and recuperating in preparation to go out on Saturday to celebrate with the girls who took the LSAT!
We started out the night at El Rinconcito, in true Madrid Fall 06 Style! I was a little bit wary of going back since Heather and I had spent so much time there together before, but I overcame my nostalgia and went in. (This part is mainly for Heather but the rest of you should enjoy it too): So I walk into Rinconcito only to walk past a guy that looks alot like our friend Alberto, who used to be the bartender there. I think nothing of it since Alberto had quit by the time we left Madrid, so I say perdon and push my way around to the bar. Upon arriving at the bar I ask for my mojito and also if the bartender knew Alberto and Miguel who used to work there. Bartender laughs and says 'oye mujer, pero ya esta aki' and i'm like '¿quien?' and mr. bartender proceeds to point out said Alberto look alike at which point I realize that it is in fact the one and only, Alberto. I swear I could've died. I dont know what was funnier the look on my face or his when we relized it. Anyway not to drag things out, we talked, exchanged numbers (he still had my old number in his phone) and asked for Heather's e-mail because apparently he'd been wondering what she'd been up to. LOLZ love it. The night ended again at Bar Cibeles where I met some great people and then spent all day yesterday in bed/watching TV/being useless, so I could rest up for work today!
This afternoon I am going up to Bambú to meet with the families I am going to be teaching English to, and then hopefully will be back early enough to eat dinner andgo to bed at a decent hour!
Ok I think thats enough for now, more later. xoxoxo

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Sara said...

Oh!!! LALA I am so proud of you for cooking! I always knew you could do it! XOXO